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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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well, happy thursday for you. it's 4:30. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. first, let's check that forecast. we welcome back meteorologist christina loren. >> i was excited when scott said thursday and for a second there, just for one second there i was hoping it was friday. but we have two days to get through. today will be the warmest day of the week. we're starting out in the 50s and headed towards the mid to upper 80s and also talking about little bit of fire danger for just one specific area today and that's through the dry northerly
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winds. we'll take you through that forecast coming up. right now, let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> bay bridge where we don't have a lot of folks coming back but a smooth flow of traffic at the toll plaza. look at the maps. westbound 580 and trying to get east shore freeway and away from the bay bridge overnight road work going on and you'll loop around right at that parking lot we just showed you. not a surprise that we had overnight many times the last couple weeks. the rest of the east bay approach and highway 24 and the rest of your bay moves pretty smoothly. pick out a couple more spots coming up. back to you. breaking news to tell you about in san francisco where police are investigating an early morning crash where a man ended up pinned underneath a car. that crash happened near 24th in the outer richmond district. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us live from the bay with the conditions on that man. >> good morning to you.
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i just heard from san francisco police and they told us the man that was pinned under the car is in critical condition. has a head injury taken to sf general hospital overnight and they also have a driver that was in that acura you see there. he is being detained right now and with san francisco police. they are looking into the possibility that alcohol may have been involved here. here's what they know. they say 3:30 this morning that two people in that car got gas here at the chevron at 24th and as they were leaving, they apparently hit a man who was then trapped under the car and there is a jack. first responders and firefighters had to use a jack to get the man out from under the car. he was pinned that tightly underneath. he was taken to the hospital, again. one person detained. they have a passenger, also, that they're speaking with this morning. they're looking into a couple theories here. the two in the car, there may have been some sort of delay in calling police to let them know
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that someone was hit. that it may have actually been the person working here who called it in. they do tell me that they're trying to collect video so they can get a clearer picture of what happened here, but, again, one person pinned under that car and another person detained. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. more breaking news this morning 14 troops including a general when pro-russian forces shot down a ukrainian helicopterer. they used a portable defense missile it happened among heavy fighting which sits 100 miles from the russian border. edward snowden says if he can go anywhere in the world, it would be home. his asylum in russia runs out in august. in a sit-down interview snowden told brian williams he considers
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himself a patriot. he tried to work within the system complaining repeatedly to supervisors before fleeing the country and leaking details about the u.s. government's spying program. secretary of state john kerry calls snowden a traitor and a coward and he claims what he did to protect the country. >> i may have lost my ability to travel. but i've gained the ability to go to sleep at night, put my head on the pillow and feel comfortable that i've done the right thing, even when it was the hard thing. and i'm comfortable with that. >> the obama administration says clemency or dropping the charges not an option. we spoke with the bay area man who blew the whistle just like snowden a decade ago. mark cline worked as a san francisco-based at&t technician. he installed a splitter that sent communications data to a secret room set up by the nsa. he knew it was illegal and he
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kept company documents after retiring in 2004 and then told his story two years later. these are the bush era wiretaps. he is relieved another person could back up his story with actual government documents. >> when he came out i was delighted. it was it an indication of what i was saying. he also revealed the programs that we are doing are vastly bigger than even i understood at the time. >> klein says the united states should let snowden come home. >> snowden should get retroactive immunity and given a reward for his service for the country. >> coming up later this morning on "today" show what the public thinks about edward snowden. a public or patriot. students and staff at san jose high school will hold a vigil tonight to honor one of the young men killed in friday's
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attack. leyland high school officials say they expect more than 1,000 people to attend, including george chen's grandmother. chen graduated two years ago. among two other bay area men that were stabbed to death by their roommate. chen's parents most likely won't be there, but the school requested some special music for the vigil. it will begin tonight at 8:30 on the campus' main quad. the campus is on camden avenue in san jose. candles will be provided and people can also feel free to bring their own. hundreds of people in the east bay sent a message to the victims of the shooting and all students at ucsb. organizers passing out candles saying it's a way of standing up against darkness and evil. people wrote on the banner that will be sent to ucsb and a large number of people in the crowd wore swurt sweatshirts. one woman graduated in december and once lived with one of the
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victims, katie cooper at her sorority. >> for everything i did, she always loved me and that was pretty amazing of her to be able to do that. >> flags at all uc campuses will remain at half staff until sunday. thousandsf people took part in the unique tribute to the victims off the santa barbara coast. kayakers and others formed a circle in the ocean in memory of those who lost their lives. we'll continue to cover the story as it develops. any time we're not on the air, head to our website for the very latest information. mountainview city leaders beginning to talk about an ordinance to ban a magazine holding more than 10 bullets. the city council asked mountain view city attorney to do some research on fee that made high-capacity magazines illegal.
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at a meeting tuesday night former assembly woman sally lieber pointed to the isla vista rampage for the ban. bryan stow's civil suit is set to start today in southern california. stow was beaten nearly to death outside dodger stadium three years ago before being put into a coma, stow was a paramedic who worked in santa clara county. he is accusing the team and former owner of not providing sufficient security at the game. he suffered brain damage and permanently disabled. his lifetime care could cost $50 million. in criminal court two men pleaded guilty to the attack earlier this year. many people in the bay area and across the state are worried they may lose out on their next trip and a lot of money all because san francisco company processing travel visa requests. they started handling visa
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applications for the indian consulate last week. yesterday frustrated people lined up at the door for answers. more are expected this morning. the company says the transition is not going smoothly, thanks to a new system and computer problems. now, without a visa, plans to travel to india and thousands of dollars worth of airline tickets could very well be lost. >> i have emergency in my family and i came day before yesterday with my two sons and gave them yesterday money for our emergency extra $100 per person and we were traveling. >> the company says it's been working tirelessly to clear that backlog and hopes to catch up in the next couple of weeks. let's catch up with christina loren. did you miss up sleeping in? >> i have to be honest, i did miss you guys. good morning to you. happy thursdaythursday. it's always a little easier returning on a thursday.
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you made it this far and a great-looking weekend shaping up. temperatures right now in the 50s and headed towards the warmest day of the week with the return of the upper 80s and right now nice and clear here in san jose and stay clear for the most part this morning in your inland valleys and the coast right now is actually clear, as well. just for the time being. low clouds to roll on shore. as we head throughout the next couple hours we're getting some good mixing from some wind out there. the same wind will drive high fire danger in parts of the bay area. higher elevations above 1,000 feet and that should expire right on time tonight. however, i can tell you it's still going to be dry out there. keep that in mind and also our pollen levels are creeping up, it's that time of year. for today, prepare for 87 degrees in the north bay. that's a warm day. 87 degrees out in the tri-valley and hit the mid to low 80s in the south bay valleys and temperatures crash tomorrow. i'll show you those numbers coming up. good morning, christina. 5al 80 westbound and the stream
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of headlights nothing unusual for this time but as we look outside, we'll see traffic flow nicely here approaching dublin and right where the arrow is on our live maps and sensors green through the dublin interchange. south bay little blips of yellow here and there and no typical concerns just construction for 880 and also around the alameda ramp and here getting closer to the city and on the peninsula side you're moving nicely and the incident that laura and christie told you about, that is off of the roadway, again, at a gas station. watching the rest of your freeways into the city and that's a smooth drive. watching your roads and rails for mass transit, no delays reported for any of the systems so far as your options to the drive, guys. still ahead actor brad pitt punched in the face at a movie premiere in hollywood. we'll tell you about the suspect coming up. more disturbing news surrounding the disappearance of that missing jetliner. why crews say they're searching
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in the wrong place.
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welcome back, everyone, to thursday morning to you. a man is behind bars after attacking actor brad pitt during a movie premiere in hollywood. these were photos taken after
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the attack after angly jolie's movie. struck pitt in the face. 25-year-old man known for pulling pranks on hollywood stars security took him into custody. pitt was reportedly okay after the attack. president obama will host a white house summit and growing concerns of his sports head injuries. he will meet with parents and researchers to discuss ways to prevent sports concussions. not enough research on how head injuries affect developing brains. nearly 250,000 kids are hospitalized every year from brain injuries. $3 billion is getting apple some popular headphones and high-profile talent. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, morgan brennan. good morning. >> good morning, scott. futures are higher, that's after
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stocks snapped their four-day win streak. investors feeling skiddish as levels not seen since last summer. today data on unemployment and a report on first quarter gdp. that may show the economy constracted this winter and many people chalk that up to the weather and growth should rebound this spring. the nasdaq losing 4225. if it's official, apple is buying beats electronics for $3 billion. that's to boost its music business as streaming services are denting itunes and its digital downloads. not only beats streaming service and high-end headphones but also high-profile talent as co-founders jimmy idean and rap star dr. dre now join the company. at&t gets a new ride. struck a deal with uber the popular car service app on to
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android phones that will be sold exclusively through its stores. also use at&t's network. the new phones will be available this summer, scott. back to you. >> morgan, thank you much. apple paid way more for beats than next computer which got them steve jobs back to the company. >> let's see what this brings them. >> let's see. what's coming in the forecast, in that microclimate forecast. christina has a look for us. >> beautiful day across the silicon valley. start with san francisco to give you an indication the coast is clear this morning. the no fog to slow you down and you might find some wind on your way to work. hold on tight and northwest winds and that will be the case for the most part today. they're actually going to strengthen later on this evening. 84 degrees in the south bay for today and temperatures definitely warm out and hit about 87 degrees meanwhile. 70 in san francisco and just want to give you an indication of kind of a roller coaster ride when it comes to your
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temperatures. overall holding on to a beautiful weekend. for today 84 degrees in san jose versus 70 straight up in san francisco. by tomorrow, you're back in the 60s. you lose that sunshine in the city and we'll hold on to it here in the south bay. nice, cool weekend headed our way and sunday your beach day and 82 degrees comfortable way to kick off next week before those temperatures really climb. right now i'll send it back to you, scott and laura. >> 4:48. crews plan to take advantage of friendlier weather as they battle a wildfire burning near yosemite. cooler temperatures and weaker winds are expected in central california today. that fire started on monday and burned down two homes and 680 acres. evacuation orders were lifted for about 50 people. twice as many were ordered to leave when that fire broke out. nearly 700 firefighters are working on that fire. five have been hurt, but they should be kay. right now the fire is 40% contained. an improvement there. an agency says the missing
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malaysian jetliner is not in the area where they thought it would be. that area in the southern indian ocean where crews expanded possible route. now the australian agency leading the search said the ping detected in that area were probably from a ship, not the plane's black box. there has been no sign of the plane since it disappeared in early march. many people around the world remembering maya angelou this morning. spending much of her childhood in the bay area. she passed away yesterday morning at her home in north carolina. anglou was awarded the presidential medal of freedom and won three grammys and more than 30 grammy nominees. her son says his mother touched many lives. >> my mother mothered a village
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and she was like a weaver. she wove our lives together and gave us the fabric of existence. >> angelou considers glooid memorial church her home. she was supposed to speak last december but was too sick to make the trip. even though she will never be back to the alter, her words will be felt forever. >> will continue for years and years and years to come. i'll make sure that that happens. >> those messages for peace to accept one another for being more alike than unalike. the only bond the community has is each other. is the human in each other. that voice will continue. >> angelou's son said they'll have a memorial service in north carolina and plan on having
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another. also a remarkable childhood. dropped out of san francisco's washington high to become the city's first black woman street car conductor. she was 16 years old at the time. in her famous memoir "i know why the caged bird sings" she wanted the job because she loved the uniforms. stay with us as we continue to celebrate the life of maya angelou and for more visit and we'll be right back.
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welcome back to you, 5:53. a live look right now at coliseum and at&t park. afternoon baseball in oakland. the a's wrap up a four-game series against the tigers and the giants are waking up in s lewis for the tough of a road trip. hunter pence's favorite ride to work was returned to the clubhouse by san francisco police. the motorized scooter was stolen out front of a restaurant on the embarcadero on sunday night. pence offered a signed bobblehead for its safe return, but whoever has the scooter remains unknown. pence already bought a new one, so he might auction this one off to charity. warrior star seth curry will receive a special honor from the nba today. >> community assist award. the honor recognizing one player
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for his outstanding charity work. cu curry will get $25,000 to give to a charity of his choice thank usa which provides scholarships to kids and sponsors of our military. last summer curry helped fight malaria in africa by handing out nearly 40,000 nets. the thrill is over for the bay area, it's now l.a.'s turn. >> we're talking about the anonymous man with the twitter handle leaving cash. late last night he tweeted up, travel scholarship or burning man tickets? you vote. no more drops in l.a. until tomorrow afternoon. yesterday he left money all over the bay area. some people were very excited. >> some are green or black or even purple. they grow in your garden. go to trash, find the cash.
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head on to olive garden, san jose. that was one of the lucky spots. the last envelope was found right here in front of our nbc bay area studio. one of our colleagues found $120. >> i ran to the newsroom and started looking and then found it inside a bush. >> the man behind hidden cash said he's going to head to new york after dropping envelopes in l.a. what did i say in the newsroom yesterday? >> you said it would be fun if he dropped it off right in front of us. >> right after we left. >> why it is actually mike inouye. >> you never see me with $120 either. then she went outside the newsroom because, again, no $120 in the newsroom. let's look at san jose, folks. where folks are still looking
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for hidden cash. traffic flows nicely through this area of 101 at 680. look at your maps in the south bay itself. only the construction and overnight crews typical there and north 101 and the rest of your bay moving very smoothly and the overnight construction should be clearing any second but the slow down at west 580 also coming out of the altamont starting to build near the maze and southbound just off of 24 with reports of a fender bender there. >> thanks a lot. still ahead, south bay movie theater lowering ticket prices for having the details for you, next. plus, we continue to follow breaking news in san francisco. a person hit and pinned by a car overnight. you can see the jack that they lifted the car with. we'll have this live report after the break.
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breaking news. police investigating what could be another deadly crash involving a pedestrian in san francisco. christie smith talking to police. what she's just learned, next.
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plus, injured giants fan i brien stow in southern california as his civil trial against the l.a. dodgers gets under way. good morning to you. you made it to thursday. mostly clear to start you off in the south bay already getting a little bit of daylight out there. count on the 70s in the city for one more day and then those temperatures tumble. i have your weekend forecast coming up in moments. traffic pretty light, as you'd expect right now. a crash over near the maze and we'll talk about highway 13 and highway 24 coming up. let's take a peek outside, speaking of it this morning. already thursday morning, may 29th. winding down the month, aren't we? this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. giving you another peek outside. it is such


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